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Recap: The #BlackupStart2k15 Bootcamp

Black Entrepreneurs Building!

The Creation of Be Abundant, Courageous Queen (B.A.C.Q) | A Brilliant Abundance Service
After six very intense sessions, totaling to around 32 hours of 'on campus' training and another 50 + in continuing product development, outside of class; I graduated the #blackupstart2k15 Bootcamp, feeling proud, inspired, accomplished, and motivated to keep pushing towards the launch of Brilliant Abundance services and products.  
What is the Black upStart?
The Black upStart is a 6-day program that trains aspiring, African-American entrepreneurs to start  successful and profitable businesses by overcoming obstacles specific to their community. However, I like to call it an entrepreneurial and product development incubator for Black entrepreneurs! The program focus was rich and there were support systems for entrepreneurs to walk away from the program having built a minimum viable product (MVP) and understanding the foundation and need to always -- Build Black; tested your product or service by Black customers through the use of focus groups, allowing each entrepreneur and focus group participants to narrow in on the value of and strength in the need to -- Test Black; and learn how to start a successful and profitable business, as the act to -- Learn Black creates an awareness that doesn't exist from a lens outside of Black culture. Finally, we are all working to Earn Black.
Bootcamp Day #4 - The men were kind enough to let us take a celebratory photo as Black Women Entrepreneurs!
Celebrating Women's Entrepreneur Day!
There are many amazing perks about this experience and it started off with creating a #gofundme fundraising campaign to cover the cost of tuition and any additional product development cost -- all funds raised on top of the $300 tuition cost would go toward building and developing my product(s) and/or service(s).  After running a successful campaign, on a 4 day clock, I was reminded of the beauty in my village of abundance, I was humbled at the love and support, I was driven to keep pushing toward progress to begin helping women feel healed and empowered -- in every way it allowed me to feel monumental love and encouragement for such a deserving cause.
The Experience of Thriving & Surviving Bootcamp...
I walked away from this fundraising experience with a new perspective on fundraising, a deeper level of confidence in the support of many who don't work with crisis intervention for women who have been victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, and/or child abuse. The program is truly dedicated to teaching Black entrepreneurs how to use existing tools successfully to progress dreams, visions, what some might believe are insurmountable goals. 
The past two weeks, which encompassed the six intense sessions, paved a way for Black entrepreneurs to build a foundation of business knowledge through an African American entrepreneurial lens. The experience provided us a real look at the successes and failures of entrepreneurs who looked just like us.  The Black experience is one that is rich and unique and having previously completed my entrepreneur fellowship for women, I've been able to deepen my understanding and growth capacity as a Black entrepreneur and a woman entrepreneur. 
Corinn Marquis -- Feeling my creation come to life from business plan and product development to prototype building!
B.A.C.Q. 2 Healing | A Brilliant Abundance Service
As I began to build a landing page, I remember feeling a tad overwhelmed at knowing how much goes into building a website and I myself was not such.  However, what I hadn't taken into account was the fact that I was sitting in a lab with more than 20 other amazing minds.  From site recommendations to stock photos with women and people of color, there was instant collaboration, in spite of us all working on individual projects.  
Bootcamp Day #3 - Working Hard in the Computer Lab @ the R.I.S.E. Demonstration Center | SE, DC
At the conclusion of Bootcamp, I had cultivated the B.A.C.Q. 2 Healing journey, a Brilliant Abundance service that allows women to experience an alternative type of healing from trauma, post-crisis intervention services.  I was so excited that I created an agenda, different service levels, price points, and an event date for 2016.  My initial layout was first constructed on large poster board, which helped me to better visualize the set up of the landing page, images that I needed to create and the best platform to create my new landing page!
However, I had to pause -- I had way too much going on! My landing page had become a website and there wasn't enough focus on my program.  That led me to make the decision to launch only 1 of my service levels and bring the focus back to creating a landing page that showcases all the program has to offer and far less verbiage!
Collaborating with Tia -- feedback is our friend and I needed some! (Bootcamp Day #3, R.I.S.E. Demonstration Center)
Focus Groups - TEST BLACK
On the final day of Bootcamp, after all of the inspiring and possibly transformative stories from other Black entrepreneurs, I got the opportunity to present and test my own MVP! This was my first experience testing anything with a focus group, let alone my own services -- and it was worth every moment.  From sharing my product with the focus group leader to tweaking my questions, presenting to group participants, and taking down feedback, while providing clarity on the services as needed - I tested my service and got real-time feedback! 
Bootcamp Day #6 - Focus Groups in action!
After hearing our final panel of entrepreneurs (Founder of GuRoo IT, Founder of The YFB, and Co-Founder of Bartered Threads), we concluded our final day of Bootcamp with a graduation ceremony.  Our fearless program leader spoke highly of each and every entrepreneur, sharing in our individual excitement, progress, and fervor to be great Black Entrepreneurs!
The opportunity allowed aspiring entrepreneurs to learn in an environment of like-minded people and provided a foundation and structure for Build Black, Test Black, Learn Black, and Earn Black.  I am overfilled with joy that I was afforded the opportunity; I encourage many of you, who like me are startup-phase entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and any other type of Black entrepreneur that you may classify yourself as.  Truly blessed to have been a family member of the first cohort!
B.A.C.Q. 2 Healing Journey
I am honored to share with each of you the landing page for the B.A.C.Q. 2 Healing Journey, A Brilliant Abundance service for women identifying as indirect and direct survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and/or child abuse.  Services are targeting women who are post-crisis intervention, who are looking to experience an alternative way of healing through the use of personal development and spiritual wholeness tools. 
Many thanks to my abundant village of supporters, your love is with me always.
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